GymManager Software

What is it?

GymManager is specialised software for managing a gymnastics business or similar activity or fitness organisation. It is a very effective class, member and staff management tool, with many additional features that enable fast and efficient business processes and information management.

GymManager helps you to store, manage and use all of the necessary information used to run your organisation. Many common processes are highly automated, meaning big savings on administration time and greatly reduced human error.

GymManager was created by a Gym Manager, for Gym Managers. It solves the problems and automates the tasks of managing a membership and activity business. Phil Hanson developed this software while taking Gold Coast Gymnastics Club from 200 members in 1994 to 2,500 members in 2014 as the Head Coach and General Manager. Being a coach, administrator and parent, he understands the needs of the club from the perspective of all stakeholders.

The program is fully networkable and cross-platform, meaning it can run on Mac, Windows and iOS all at the same time.

At its core is a powerful relational database, so you will only enter information once, in one place, but you will find it everywhere you need to see it or use it.

Instead of continual double entry and repeating of information, you need only enter or edit information once, in one place, for it to be available everywhere, on every computer you use.

Features and benefits


GymManager can be customised to do things the way your organisation works, so you are not stuck with software that only works one way and forces you to change how you do things.

Built in systems from experienced operators

There are many built in systems and processes that will help to guide your administration into effective and efficient processes.

Fast, easy, effective communication.

Easily communicate by email or text message to any group, class, level, age group or the whole club with just a few clicks. Share information with your customers with speed and ease, save on copying and paper costs.

Staff communications are also easy, fast and recorded with read receipts. Their own portal with log in means they see everything they need to see in one place, and no more. There can be no excuses for not knowing their gymnasts, classes, events, communications, skill marking, and time sheets.

History tracking

In the background, GymManager tracks ‘who did what and where’ so it is easy to know what has happened with every customer, and who made the change.

GOL import & export.

If you have been entering your registrations and renewals manually into Gymnastics Australia’s Online Database (GOL), you will love being able to upload your registrations electronically in bulk, and bring back your registration numbers electronically too. The bigger your club the more time you save.

Easy, automated group invoicing.

GymManager can produce and email invoices in bulk, knowing what classes the gymnasts are in, what the term dates are, and when the public holidays fall. Term or monthly billing, memberships and family discounts can be catered for.

Yes, you can invoice by cumulative weekly hours, straight from your sliding fee scale.

BPAY compatible payments system

Customers can pay by BPAY direct to your account. You then import the payments in bulk, automatically assigned to each customer’s account. The BPAY CRN means no more guessing who that bank deposit was from, and the built in check digit eliminates mistakes.

*BPAY account and setup with your bank required.

Curriculum, skill marking and reporting system

Once you have entered your curriculum, you can mark the skills for gymnasts as they progress, and automatically email progress reports each term. Parents and athletes can see skill progress on their members portal.

Allocate and monitor tasks

You can allocate tasks individually or as a group, with due dates and alerts for the staff. No more excuses about not knowing or forgetting.

For the competitive programs

Keep a training diary, know who is enrolled in each event, keep a record of competition scores. Your own PAD (Physical Ability Development) tests can be entered and you can keep records of the results for every gymnast, group or coach.

There is a place to store and archive programs means you can always find the program for a group, and if needed can go back to an old one to check.

The curriculum and skill marking also works just fine for competitive programs, showing which skills, progressions or requirements the gymnasts have achieved, and which are yet to come.

iPad / iPhone compatible

With an iPad you can have members fill out their membership form and sign it - directly into the system, eliminating the need for you to hold paper forms or manually enter data from a paper form. An iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is an ideal accessory for staff to mark rolls, mark skills, sign on, read and confirm correspondence, tasks and event allocations.

Web Publishing (Advanced version only)

With the advanced version of GymManager you can publish your class timetables, calendar, newsfeed, staff profiles, member’s portal and staff portal; live, in real time to the web, automatically. No more updating web pages as information changes.

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Tech Specs - Intermediate Version

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro Edition

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

Windows 8.1 Standard Edition 

Windows 8.1 Pro Edition

Windows 8 Standard Edition

Windows 8 Pro Edition

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium

OS X El Capitan v10.11

OS X Yosemite v10.10

OS X Mavericks v10.9

Hardware Requirements


CPU:1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 processor

RAM: 1 GB, (Preferred 2 GB or more)


CPU: 1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 processor

RAM: 2 GB, (Preferred 4 GB or more)

Tech Specs - Advanced Version

In addition to the above, the Advanced version requires a standalone server, static Public IP address and fast reliable internet connection.

Supported Server Operating Systems

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition

Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition

OS X Sierra       10.12

OS X El Capitan 10.11

OS X Yosemite 10.10

OS X Mavericks 10.9

Server Hardware

CPU: 4-Core